Must blog


Since starting EDCMOOC I have started blogging but I find it difficult. Especially when I read others which are are so well produced. I would normally have given up at this point but because of the course I feel I should persevere. Already EDCMOOC is already having an effect in that I am pushing myself to try something new, which I guess is part of what learning is about.
We will start quadblogging from this afternoon and I hope this will help and inspire me.

The EDCMOOC course hasn’t even started yet and already I have connected with people, looked at new things and even been brushing up on my German language. Some of us German speakers have started a EDCMOOC German speakers Facebook group. I should be reading German everyday so I don’t lose the skill but always find I am too lazy to do so. However, posting and chatting with German speakers on Facebook doesn’t feel so laborious. Another example of social networking being a good thing.

Here’s to more learning, connections, inspirations, fun and adventures!



  1. Ilzele says:

    Don’t give up, its all a matter of practice! Btw can you give me the name of the German EDC facebook group? Somehow missed that one

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