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#Edcmooc Utopia/dystopia – technology

We have now started our EDCMOOC course and began by looking at short films where utopia/dystopia are the themes.

This is a relevant question for me this week as we without broadband for a while until I caved in and paid to top up my iPad. The thought, and practicalities, of being without broadband was unthinkable. I needed to be able to work from home, set up things for this course, communicate with fellow students and friends. It also made me feel like I was missing out eg not having access to ‘breaking news’.

I used to despair of people who were like this and thought they were sad. And now I am one!

However, is it such a bad thing? I am staying in touch with friends, learning, working, reading, watching tv, discovering and much more. And obviously I still have enough of a sense of reality to know that world peace, having food and shelter and my health are more important than access to the Internet and technology. But whilst everything else is well in my life why not make technology one of my priorities.

It also reminds me of the Southpark episode where the Internet goes off and everyone migrates in the search for broadband. Similar to when people migrated for work during the depression. Brilliant episode with many home truths.

Anyway, I love technology and won’t worry about it so long I maintain my sense of perspective and outside interests.

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