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#Edcmooc Utopia/dystopia – Utopia


Following on from my post yesterday I observed something in a meeting today which adds to the idea of technology being a vital and positive thing and helps to improve our lives. As we sat round the table most of us (99%) were using an iPad, smart phone or laptop.

We were able to use the devices to access information that would have had to wait in previous years. If someone referenced something but was unclear or had forgotten what had been written, the document in question could be accessed immediately. In the ‘olden days’ you would have had to leave the meeting to find the document or leave the discussion and return to it at a later date.

We were also informed of transport delays, via Twitter, which affected one of the attendees. I was able to finalise arrangements for a meeting tomorrow which couldn’t have waited until the next day. There are times where I feel that technology enslaves us (always being accessible and us always responding) but there are times where it frees us.

Utopia or dystopia? It depends on the user and how they utilise and respond to technology.




  1. I really appreciate your observation here Natascha. These are the things that we rarely even think about anymore they are just such a part of our daily lives. Strange that it takes a couple movies and an article to focus thoughts around this phenomenon

  2. hummelsiep says:

    I know what you mean. If I learn nothing else from the course I have at least started to step back occasionally and think about how amazing technology is. I am also old enough to remember the days without a computer in every home or workplace and no mobile phone. I remember being impressed by a fax machine, and yet, we had to explain to some teenagers last week what a fax was!

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