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Edcm week 2 – looking to the future

I have watched a couple of the videos from week 2 of edcm, and I have to say I am in two minds. On the one hand it excites me, especially “a day made of glass”.
I watched the film and all I could thinks was “I must have this”! These are the sort of things that will excite and engage people, especially the young. However, the importance of maintaining contact with the real world is what will ensure that humanity doesn’t disappear into some sort of nightmare world depicted in the other video I watched “sight” which shows a man essentially living life as though it was a game (inbuilt) and there was an app for everything. “Sight” was a complete contrast to the first film where even the music was happy and light hearted.
I am all for tablets and using them in everyday life (I use mine for reading, working, playing, studying, communicating, banking, buying and lots more) but we need to maintain our contact with the real world. In “sight” the man is also able to manipulate the woman through mind control. Now that is the stuff of nightmares.  But am I worried? Sure there are evil people out there but I still have enough faith in humanity that we will stop this “progress” going too far.

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