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Reflections of e-learning and digital cultures



Picture created by fellow EDCMOOCer Cikgu Brian

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have now completed and submitted my final assessment. All that is left to do is assess classmates artefacts and a final Twitterchat on Saturday.

This was my third MOOC (massive open on-line course) and has, so far, been the best one.

My first one was Greek Mythology. I loved this as I never thought I would study something like this. I had tried reading Greek myths in the past but just couldn’t stick with them. With the help of an on-line lecturer, weekly tests and 2 written assignments, I achieved a 92% mark. It was quite a solitary experience as there was little interaction. I just couldn’t get into the forums partly due to a lack of confidence, and partly because, on the rare occasion I had an original thought someone else had already added it.

My second course, How to Reason, was a different matter altogether. I found it so difficult that I, reluctantly, had to un-enroll.

I am also doing an Introduction to Philosophy which I have nearly completed.

E-learning and Digital Culture was a whole new ball game! I felt like Felix Baumgarten must have felt as the earth rushed towards him. It was fast and scary and not what I was expecting. I made connections, helped and was helped by classmates, increased my use of Twitter and G+ and started a blog. I have learnt how to moderate a Twitterchat, use Prezi and Storify and created a digital artefact. I have read, thought about and discussed issues such as transhumanism and utopia/dystopia.

But the biggest thing I will take with me is how people came together, formed groups and supported each other. They came from different parts of the world, cultures and spoke different languages. But we all experienced the same concerns and problems and were quick to help each other. Either with practical tips or just words of support or encouragement.

My next course is Internet history, technology and security and I will be interested to see if the same feeling of community can be achieved.


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