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Assessing others….


……why is it so difficult?

Whilst doing my Greek Mythology course we had to assess other students work. I found it excruciating and couldn’t understand how teachers do it day in and out. I cringed my way through it. Why? Because I felt guilty when I had to write something negative. I know it had to be done and it was based on specific criteria. I also made sure there was a positive spin on it and that it was constructive. But even so I hated it. You could tell people had made an effort but had missed the post or just not addressed the criteria. I started thinking about the people behind the assignment. Who were they? What do they do? Why are they completing the course? Was I upsetting them? Affecting their confidence? The whole process made me anxious.

Now, edcmooc was totally different. Not only did I feel more connected, as mentioned in my previous post about this mooc, but I have just finished assessing 7 assignments, and we only had to do 3! We had to assess digital artefacts and I can only think this is what made the difference. I gave full marks to everyone and I could justify them all using the assessment criteria. It was a totally different experience and it has to be because of the type of material being assessed. I enjoyed the process and only stopped as I ran out of time.

Maybe its because this course made us all feel so engaged and connected that we did so well with our assessments, hence making my marking experience more positive.

Who knows and who cares. The main thing is I, and many others, completed a very enjoyable course which cost nothing and gave us so much.

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