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Clarity at Last! – Creative Commons



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This week we looked at the issues of reuse in OERs. Activity 9 is;

For your blog content and other material you produce, consider which of the Creative Commons licences you would use, and justify your choice. You can post this in the forum or in your blog, remembering to use the tag #h817open.

I am glad this has come up as a topic as it is something I have been aware of and concerned about for some time. Not necessarily in relation to OERs, as this is a relatively new concept for me, but in terms of reusing things generally. I have probably committed a number of copyright offences over the years, for example by making a poster for work and using an image from Google without attribution.

There are two issues;

1. Not understanding, or knowing where to begin with, copyright laws.
2. Not caring. I don’t mean that in a mercenary way, but there is a mentality of if it’s on the Internet it must be okay as it’s in the open.

I have started to think about this more as I have undertaken MOOCs, added my photos to Flickr, and more recently started writing a blog. I am very grateful to Creative Commons as I can now obtain resources and know how I am allowed to use them and give credit where asked.

The next thing I need to think about is how I mark my work. It’s difficult because I don’t consider myself to be in a league where my “work” should be protected or marked. I am not a professional, I know my photos won’t earn me a living and my writing certainly won’t. So does it matter if people use it without any rules? Probably not, but as I spend more and more time doing something it would be nice for this to be recognised in some way. I would be so ridiculously excited if someone ever used one of my photos that I would sign my soul over to the devil. However, Creative Commons has taken the stress away as I can select the protection I need. A professional photographer can request the work is not distributed with permission and not altered in any way. Whilst I can stipulate that you can do what you like so long I get recognition. I think given the nature of what I do, take photos and write for fun and learning, the attribution license is good enough for me.

As they have made it so simple I think people are more likely to respect and adhere to the rights unlike copyright laws which are seen as faceless, corporate, incomprehensible and not applicable.



  1. mymindbursts says:

    I think we can collectively make one of yipiur wishes come true! I’m looking at your FlickR pics now. Walks … et me see, learning journey metaphor? Tangled roots and landscapes an ecology metaphor. 🙂

  2. mymindbursts says:

    your … not yipiur?!

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