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Walking my way to cake



I love walking, especially since I moved to the Island. I take part in the walking festival that happens twice a year and belong to a small group of walkers on the Island. I used to think that walking groups consisted of old people, stuck in their ways, slowly ambling across the country side. However, since moving to the Island in 2010 I have taken part in some fantastic walks with a lively, interesting bunch from all walks (excuse the pun!) of life. I also enjoy going off by myself with a packed lunch and flask.


I did the Charybdis Walk in 2012 and it was bloody hard! Not the distance. More the setting off in the dark at 4am in the cold, wet and the dark. We all had to wear hard hats because of scrambling over wet seaweed covered rocks at a fair old speed. I did think this was silly at first until I heard the unmistakable sound of hard hat covered heads hitting the rocks at regular intervals.

My first Walk the Wight in 2010 was a great introduction to the island as I covered areas I hadn’t seen at that stage. The 36 miles nearly killed me as this was my first big walk and it was only the thought of a bath, red wine and a sit down that got me through.


Last year I attempted a walk round the Island (about 70 miles) in 24 hours. I failed miserably but will try again. Preparation starts with a three day walk round the Island in May.

My favourite website is that of the walking festival, which is held on the Island twice a year. I have been on long tough walks and short ones that involve eating home made cake at the end.

And that’s what I love about walking. I never know what I will see, or do, or who I will meet. Also, it justifies eating cake and drinking ale!





  1. Oside Olive says:

    Wow, 36 miles! That is definitely a ways. I am tired after walking one. What a beautiful island! I’ve never heard of it until now : )

    • Nat Nelson says:

      It really is. We moved over from London 4 years ago and I certainly can’t see myself ever leaving. I can walk many miles. Ask me to cycle or run, forget it! Not even half a mile!

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