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Oops! How did that OER happen?

Image by Tim Morgan

I have just finished a Google Hangout with Sukaina Walji and John Baglow where we started planning our OER. Creating our own OER? How did that come about? Well it was all John’s fault for not being clearer. Or possibly mine for not reading properly.

In response to one of my posts John wrote

Nat, do you work in He or FE, where I am? In preparation for our TMA I am thinking about ways that MOOCs could have a role in my college. It would certainly be with adult learners, not the 16-19 students and maybe CPD and HE courses in FE are the best candidates.
I wonder if we could produce a mini-MOOC just for our own staff. What do you and Deborah think?

I read…….. “let’s create a MOOC!”

John replied

Nat, when I wrote “perhaps we could produce a mooc for our own staff” I meant we in my college – but maybe we could come up with one ourselves! What topic do we already have some stuff on? I teach teacher training now. Maybe we could come up with part of a mooc for our own colleagues. It wouldn’t be very massive of course. Any ideas for a subject? Blended learning? Improving your learners’ digital literacy? Communication? …..

Then Sukaina joined in and that was that.

This to me is the epitome of open learning and captured the spirit of creativity, collaboration and of in the “momentness” it’s supposed to embody. Despite having using G+ for a while this was my first Hangout and John introduced me to Etherpad so if nothing else I have learnt something already.

We have since down scaled the MOOC to an OER but that doesn’t matter. We have started something, we will invite others to join in, and we will see where it takes us. Hopefully we will create am OER. Maybe someone else will develop it into a MOOC. Who knows. Watch this space………..


  1. Wow, it happened in a flash…so what is the training goal?

    • Nat Nelson says:

      To help parents who don’t understand social media in terms of cyber safety and show teachers how to use it in the classroom. Sort of an introduction to the possibilities, what to be mindful of and how to take it forward. Looking for others to get involved if you are interested.

  2. I read your earlier post and I was interested in the staff development angle (you were talking about “digital communication with your students”)
    I even started to draw up a rough mini mooc plan

    It probably needs a couple more resources, but as a sketchy first draft its not bad – its open to edit so feel free to change bits

    • Nat Nelson says:

      We are looking for others to get involved. We had a Google hangout yesterday and thrashed out some initial ideas. Are you on G+? Looking to start a community in which we can work.

    • Nat Nelson says:

      Hi Joseph

      I can’t access the google doc. Says it doesn’t exist. Are you on G+ as we have started a community for working on this MOOC.are you interested in joining?

  3. […] for this MOOC I started talking to students doing the full version of Open Learning and via some misinterpretation on my behalf we ended up creating the OER named My Social Network […]

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