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Ryde pier to Cowes


Great start to the walking season. A nice gentle walk (about 13 miles) to kick start the system. Our aim was to walk from Ryde to East Cowes along the coast wherever possible. We had to break off at Fishbourne but we joined the coast again at Wootton.

Fishbourne Ferry

We were scuppered again at Osborne House as the beach is private and the staff wouldn’t make any exceptions. We walked back, with an incoming tide, but found a path that took us though the grounds and out to Barton Manor.

A quick hop on the chain ferry and into the pub for a swift half.

This is only a short report as it was a short walk. However, there are challenges ahead!

We are in the process of setting up the Isle of Wight Long Distance Walking Association and once confirmed we will be setting up a blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Isle of Wight Walking Festival kicks off in May.

Looking forward to a great season.

A bit wet in places!



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