50 things to do before I am 38 – Part 1

The National Trust are running a 50 things to do before you are 11 & 3/4 and, not to miss out, I decided to do the same. Granted I am way past the age of 11 & 3/4 but why should kids have all the fun! I will be 38 in May so that should give me enough time and also the possibility of snow so I can complete no. 15 Play in the snow

I am not sure about no. 46 try rock climbing (scared of heights) or no. 30 holding a scary beast (scared of creepy crawlies) but it depends on the definition of a scary beast!

I made a start in May when I went on a Fossil Hunting Walk (no. 26 hunt for fossils and bones) as part of the Isle of Wight Walking Festival. We went to Brook Chine and were given a short talk on fossils and dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight and were then left to explore. The photo below is of a fossilised Iguanadon footprint.

The second thing I ticked off my list was no. 50 canoe down a river. Strictly speaking it was a Kayak and a paddle board and it was in the sea but I figured the sentiment is the same. We did this as social thing at work where we were all let loose in Bembridge harbour with Kayaks, paddle boards and Segways. This also ticked my third activity no. 42, swimming in the sea which we also did. I also spent this morning swimming in the sea and will do so many times over the summer. One of the advantages of living 1 minute away from the beach. I have no pictures of me swimming in the sea because well I was swimming in the sea! However, I do have a photo of me on a paddle board. Well trying to get on one at least!

The last one for the time being is no. 41 Plant it, Grow it, Eat it which I am currently doing with tomatos.

Still a way to go but if this sun continues it won’t be long.

This is a brilliant idea from the National Trust and I hope it inspires lots of children (and grown ups) to get out there and explore, learn and enjoy. I remember the days when we did this all the time as kids and it is a shame that many don’t do this anymore. Some of the statistics in this article by the National Trust are shocking

The roaming radius for kids has declined by 90 per cent in one generation (thirty years)

I find this really sad but hopefully something that can be reversed. I was pleased to see lots of children out this morning, on their own, with bikes, balls and other beach games. I completely understand that parents want to protect their children but surely wrapping them in cotton wool reduces their “survival” skills and besides accidents can happen anywhere. Let them get dirty and a stung by stinging nettles. It’s healthy!