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Cake = happiness. But not just any cake. As I get older I appreciate the finer things in life. My cake has to be home made (not necessarily by me) or of good quality. Don’t get me wrong I will still eat the occasional cheap mass produced cake, but it’s just not the same. I am also convinced that homemade/good quality cake is “healthier” for you.

Tonight we are having chocolate cake from our local farmer’s market. I only bought it to support local businesses you understand.


10 minute “baking”


Thank you to whoever posted this recipe. Cheap flapjacks in 10 minutes! We don’t have a proper working oven so “baking” in the microwave is ideal. They have become a firm favourite in our house. I add 2 mashed bananas and tell myself they are one of my 5 a day.

Admittedly it doesn’t look like a flapjack but I don’t have a suitable baking tray so it’s more of a flapjack cake.

My life in cake

My life in cake.

I was trying to create some clever and insightful digital artefacts but got side tracked by cake! Maybe tomorrow…….

No baking baking


I belong to a cake club at work (yes it is as good as it sounds!) but don’t have a proper working oven. I used to love baking but have now had to get inventive re ‘baking’ things for cake club. Cheesecake is good and so was my peanut/chocolate square. These are supposed to be chocolate no bake cookies. However I had no cocoa so had to use sweetened milk chocolate powder. Along with the 2 cups of sugar, I will be peeling colleagues off the ceiling tomorrow!

And despite being on a no coffee, no smoking, lose weight health kick, I will not give up cake club. Ever!

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