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24 Hour Walk Round The Island – Update

We set off from West Cowes at 4am at a 4mph pace which didn’t really ease off until 4 hours later in Yarmouth.

Nearing Yarmouth

My plan was of course to complete the whole 73 miles. However, I knew that this was a bit unrealistic. My average comfortable walking distance is about 25 miles so it’s a big leap.

Anyway, I didn’t complete it because of bad feet and I felt very disappointed at first. I have had time to reflect and feel less bad about not completing. I did 32 miles which is about 5 or 6 miles more than last year, at least it’s heading in the right direction.

This sight was a real moral boost

It has spurred me into action and I need to start planning more regular long distance walks. I walk every day as we don’t drive but this is usually only 1-3 miles a day. I have also been toying with the idea of running for a while but lack the confidence. I think planning for the next big walk will give me the boost I need.

What I am proud of is being part of a great walking team. We do all sorts of walks and we have become good friends. As well as walking we have some laughs, great conversations, food and beer.

Here’s to the next walk!

24 Hour Walk Round the Isle of Wight

I am getting ready to walk round the Isle of Wight on Saturday. We start at 4am and end on Sunday at 4am and we will walk a total of 73 miles.

I have a back pack stuffed full of sweet and salty foods as well as the contents of a small pharmacy!

Very excited and very scared. I tried this last year and only managed about 26 miles. I would really like to complete it and my age is right. I have just turned 37 so walking 73 miles seems fitting!

Anyway off to bed in preparation for the early start. If no more entries appear I am lost somewhere on the Island. Send help. And food!

Blog for the Isle of Wight Long Distance Association where you can read more about the walk as well as other walks we do.


Ryde pier to Cowes

Great start to the walking season. A nice gentle walk (about 13 miles) to kick start the system. Our aim was to walk from Ryde to East Cowes along the coast wherever possible. We had to break off at Fishbourne but we joined the coast again at Wootton.

Fishbourne Ferry

We were scuppered again at Osborne House as the beach is private and the staff wouldn’t make any exceptions. We walked back, with an incoming tide, but found a path that took us though the grounds and out to Barton Manor.

A quick hop on the chain ferry and into the pub for a swift half.

This is only a short report as it was a short walk. However, there are challenges ahead!

We are in the process of setting up the Isle of Wight Long Distance Walking Association and once confirmed we will be setting up a blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Isle of Wight Walking Festival kicks off in May.

Looking forward to a great season.

A bit wet in places!


Walking my way to cake


I love walking, especially since I moved to the Island. I take part in the walking festival that happens twice a year and belong to a small group of walkers on the Island. I used to think that walking groups consisted of old people, stuck in their ways, slowly ambling across the country side. However, since moving to the Island in 2010 I have taken part in some fantastic walks with a lively, interesting bunch from all walks (excuse the pun!) of life. I also enjoy going off by myself with a packed lunch and flask.


I did the Charybdis Walk in 2012 and it was bloody hard! Not the distance. More the setting off in the dark at 4am in the cold, wet and the dark. We all had to wear hard hats because of scrambling over wet seaweed covered rocks at a fair old speed. I did think this was silly at first until I heard the unmistakable sound of hard hat covered heads hitting the rocks at regular intervals.

My first Walk the Wight in 2010 was a great introduction to the island as I covered areas I hadn’t seen at that stage. The 36 miles nearly killed me as this was my first big walk and it was only the thought of a bath, red wine and a sit down that got me through.


Last year I attempted a walk round the Island (about 70 miles) in 24 hours. I failed miserably but will try again. Preparation starts with a three day walk round the Island in May.

My favourite website is that of the walking festival, which is held on the Island twice a year. I have been on long tough walks and short ones that involve eating home made cake at the end.

And that’s what I love about walking. I never know what I will see, or do, or who I will meet. Also, it justifies eating cake and drinking ale!



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